Side Projects

Toys and side projects.

  • leagueoflegends-git

    Initially created by Nefelim4ag, the helper script simplifies the process of installing and running League of Legends on Linux through Wine. I started contributing to the project since 2018 and eventually maintaining it since November, 2019. The script uses a custom Wine variant maintained by GloriousEggroll and packaged in AUR by M-Reimer. Credit goes to the r/leagueoflinux community.

  • Evangelion Title Card Generator

    This is a toy project based on BooDoo’s codepen, which can be used to generate Evangelion title cards in PNG format. I adjusted the fonts, simplified the UI, fixed some text alignment issues, and added the blurred shadow effect to mimic the original title cards in the series.

  • Lunar Calendar in Traditional Chinese

    This is a lunar calendar generator written in C, which outputs lunar calendars in traditional Chinese in the iCalendar (.ics) format. It can also be used to create lunar calendars for repeated events such as lunar birthdays or some traditional festivals/holidays. The calendars are generated using VSOP87 planetary theory and LEA-406 lunar theory. This is an example of a generated lunar calendar from 2018 to 2030.